Importance of Quebec Way Site
Anchor between Canada Water, Russia Dock Woodlands and Greenland Dock
Extension of the vision of the Canada Water Master Plan
Providing employment opportunities for the community
Urban Fabric
Quebec Way redevelopment offers potential to:
Create a finer grain urban fabric
Address more appropriate building character
Transition scale of mixed-use and industrial building types to residential neighbourhoods Create stronger street presence
Addressing the Street Framework and Traffic
Connect existing streets
Create finer network of pedestrian-friendly streets which distributes traffic throughout the district
Subdivide large parking areas with ‘real’ streets
Pedestrian Connections
Provide new connections to Greenland Dock from the north
Strengthen pedestrian connections to the rail stations
Connect pedestrians to the two large parks
Strengthen connections to Canada Water Dock and Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Strategy 1 - Low-rise ‘High Density
Urban Block Archetype

Establish Individual blocks for development
Tie block development to future urban pattern of Canada Water
Create public connections to the Russia Dock Woodland Park between blocks
Establish a strong urban street wall along Quebec Way Street
Provide active uses at grade along street frontage
Orient and open urban blocks towards Russia Dock Woodland
Integrate B1 use with new residential development

Massing Strategy
Establish relatively uniform building heights throughout site

Strategy 2 - ‘Mix-Rise Landscaped
Harmonious Integration
Establish looser definition of individual blocks for development
Tie block development to future urban pattern of Canada Water
Create multiple views and connections to the park throughout development
Extend and integrate landscape of Russia Dock Woodland into site Integrate B1 uses with new residential development

Massing Strategy
Provide a variety of building typologies
Introduce taller buildings addressing the street and the park
Modulate building heights to interact with the landscape
Transition massing to meet surrounding context

Strategy 3 - ‘High-rise Park
Sustainable High Rise Ringing the Park
Create a forward-looking development of high environmental visibility and content
Provide a landmark development for Southwark which strengthens its role as a residential peninsula for London
Concentrate development within smaller site area
Dedicate remaining site to expanded Russia Dock Woodland Park
Transform Russia Dock Woodland into an ecological urban park with new community activities
Integrate B1 use with new residential development

Massing Strategy
Create a skyline marker with symbolic presence Redefine the edges of Russia Dock Woodland with higher density development

In the UK climate the importance of daylight, sunlight and shadow varies with context and usage. Sunlight is welcomed within the home and is valued in open spaces to facilitate plant growth and to animate space.
Winter sunlight is especially valued, however due to its low angle it is especially difficult to obtain in high-density urban locations. In summer months spaces that are exposed to the sun may need shading to prevent thermal discomfort of occupants inside buildings. In housing the main requirement for sunlight is in living rooms, and less so in bedrooms and kitchens

Approach to Analysis
In order to investigate daylight, sunlight and shadow characteristics of the existing and proposed scenarios, Ecotect analysis software was used to predict daylight availability, by analysis of stereographic sun path diagrams, and to plot shadow maps for use in overshadowing calculations. A three-dimensional model of the existing and proposed scenarios was inputted into the software, based on architect’s drawings to ensure geometric accuracy. Climate Data was selected to ensure that the scenarios are modelled from an accurate longitude and latitude.

Ampurius Developments London

Site area                         21.950 m²
Building area                 120.084 m²
Footprint coverage            9.535 m² - 43%
Plot ratio                               5.5

Residential                       87.500 m²
Office / retail                   10.200 m²
Parking                           22.000 m²

Senior Architect
Masterplan, Design

Master Planning, Concept, Feasibility, Scheme Design

Architects                      SOM
Planning:                       Montagu Evans
Employment:                 Grant & Partners
Daylight:                       BLDA Consultancy
Environmental:              Battle McCarthy
Traffic:                          Mouchel

Quebec Way

London - United Kingdom





Aerial View of Proposed Site
View Masterplan from the West
View Masterplan from the East
Entrance view of the site
View from Woodland
View Bookmark to the North
North East view along Quebec Way Road
View between parcels
South West view along Quebec Way Road
View of parcel from Woodland
Site Context
Unitary Development Plan
Land Use Development
Urban Connections
Woodland Concept
Site Planning Strategy
Scheme Development
Environmental Study
Architectural Development
Plan Options

Urban Context

Site Planning strategy

Site Planning strategy

Environmental Approach


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